Data Files

Underlying the analysis provided is data from various sources. The primary data is from the Comptroller's Revenue Watch and an expenditure file provided to me. I've combined these file for one to use for their own analysis. Also, provided are links to various data sites that I hope are useful to those analyzing State economic activity.  

Historical Revenue and Expenditure Data This Excel spreadsheet contains annual all funds revenue from FY84 through FY18 which I assembled from Comptroller data. Also using Comptroller data is Expenditure by Category from FY85 through FY18 This file is updated at the end of a fiscal year.
Comptroller of Public Accounts, The Texas EconomyRevenue Watch - Comptroller's monthly data on net state revenue collections.
Texas Expenditure History by Object, 1978-2017
Texas Transparency - Revenue, Expenditure and Budget Reporting
State Budget Crisis Task ForceThis report analyzes the budget prospects of state governments overall. There will be a report on Texas written by Billy Hamilton, which analyzies how the Texas tax structure has performed over time and its outlook for the future. This report is forthcoming, but should be interesting. BTW, it's jam packed w/ data.
Texas Demographic Future In February 2019, Steve Murdock gave this most informative presentation to the County Affairs Committee of the Texas House. Underlying, Steve's analysis is Population Change: Texas and the U.S.
GODORT - Government Documents Round Table Page provides one with links to numerous federal and state agencies, which provide statistics, along with links by subject.
TX GODORT - Government Statistics Page provides one with links to various Texas agencies, which provide statistics.
FedStats Page provides one with links to various fderal statistics sites, along with links by subject.

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